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Mill Tower Ranch

Our Farm

Trying to farm since 2011

In 2010, Mike, Dawn and their 2 children, Emma and Lucas, moved back to the Ponoka area. In 2011, we started renting our current property and started the huge job of taking an old farmyard that was overgrown, in need of a lot of cleaning up and fixing and started to build our farm, In 2012, we added to our family with the addition of Cora,

In 2013, we purchased our farm and we also got our first goats. We have a herd of around 60 goats now, Every year, we would plant a big garden and we always planted pumpkins, In 2017, we noticed there was a shortage of pumpkins in the stores and a family member suggested we should do a pumpkin u-pick. So in 2018, we planted 1000 pumpkin plants, In 2019, we planted 1300  plants, We now plant 1600-2000 plants and every year we find more new unique pumpkins to try.

Every year, we have to fight with mother nature. In 2018, we had a huge hail storm. In 2019, we tried to build a 60ft by 200ft tent over the pumpkin patch because of the cold wet weather. Well, the wind had other ideas. But every year we try harder to make sure our pumpkins make it to Halloween. In 2018 we had pictures posted in The Western Producer. Then in 2019, The Western Producer did a story on our family farm and the pumpkin patch. 

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