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Mill Tower Ranch

 pumpkin U-pick 


Pumpkin Prices

Baby Jacks        $1

1-3 LBS               $2

4-6 LBS               $3

7-9 LBS               $4

10-12 LBS            $5

13-15 LBS             $6

16-18 LBS             $7

19-21 LBS             $8

22-24 LBS            $9

25-27 LBS            $10

28-30 Lbs           $11

36 LBS and up    $16

We accept visa, master card, american express, debit, and cash

Meet the
Williams Family

In 2018 we noticed there was a shortage of pumpkins in the stores, we already grew lots of pumpkins for our family and friends, why not plant some more.


 We Offer



And weird

We have traditional orange pumpkins, we also carry specialty like red, blue, pink, and white, and some weird ones like warted, and funny shaped

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